Beaulieu Australia produces stunning carpets as one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Australia. Further, they are recognised as a market leader in environmentally friendly flooring options. As a result, Chirnside Carpets is proud to stock a wide range of Beaulieu carpets at competitive prices.

Explore our range of Beaulieu carpet choices below, in a variety of colour and pattern options.

Stunning Australian Carpet Range

With over 30 years in the floor covering industry, Beaulieu prides itself on state-of-the-art practices and design. Further, they are excited to continue offering their Australian customers diverse products and carpet ranges making them a market leader.

Further, Beaulieu focuses on sustainability, ensuring their customers are helping preserve our fragile ecology. This forward-thinking carpet range also uses an innovative, self-renewing odour neutraliser that purifies and freshens the air indoor environment, ensuring your carpets smell good, longer.

This stunning range of carpets features the right colours and right designs, offering a fresh approach to design. They feature incredible colour durability and stain resistance, and a stunning ecological home environment. These carpets features patterns and textures so amazing you have to walk on them to appreciate them.

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